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Welcome to Ms. Avenetti's Page

     Hello! My name is Julie Avenetti and I have been a part of this amazing Chaparral community for the last ten plus years. Some of my favorite things about teaching at Chaparral are the culture of our school, the hard working students and staff, and the support and enthusiasm of the community that surrounds us. Each year of teaching brings lots of new experiences and opportunities that I get to share with students all while building meaningful relationships and learning from each other. We have high hopes and expectations for our students and encourage them to set challenging goals, be resourceful, and showing progress in self-improvement.
     Within our Physical Education department we work hard to inspire and encourage all students to find joy in being healthy, active, and well! Our main focus is to introduce and enhance a wide variety of skill and knowledge regarding health, wellness, and sports/fitness. The hope for each of my students is that they can develop a positive attitude and appreciation toward being well and active as well as sharpen social skills and grow in maturity and interpersonal skills that will carry over into post secondary life.