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December 2020  Virtual Performances
 This year, as we face the challenges of virtual music-making, our annual band concert moves online.  Students from each class have recorded themselves playing with a small group.  Our performances feature beginning students through our more advanced wind ensemble students. Though students could not rehearse in real-time, they learned to use online programs that allowed them to record, analyze, and then make corrections throughout a month long process.  We hope that you enjoy these presentations and wish you greetings for the season and the new year.   
Mrs. Schroerlucke
Wind Ensemble Presentation: Click below
Wind Ensemble Performance of May Colvin March: Click below
Symphonic Band Presentation: Click below
Concert Band Presentation: Click below
Cadet Band Period 2 Presentation: Click below:
Cadet Band Period 6 Presentation: Click below:


 Wind Ensemble performs in March 2017 at the Festival of Gold at Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa. The group received a gold rating and ranked first place against some of the best high school groups in the country.

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